Frogs of Western Australia

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Australia is blessed with a remarkable number and variety of frogs. More than a third of Australia's total frog fauna occurs in Western Australia, and more than half of these are found only in Western Australia. The State's 80 or so frog species have an incredible variety of shapes, sizes, life histories and mating calls. Not all are described in Frogs of Western Australia - a selection of frogs that either live in the metropolitan area, are likely to be seen elsewhere, or are of special interest due to their habits or rarity, has been chosen. 


Pocket sized publication.
Pages: 76

Species in this book:
bleating froglet, cane toad, chattering rock frog, clicking froglet, crawling toadlet, desert spadefoot, desert tree frog, giant frog, green tree frog, hooting frog, humming frog, moaning frog, motorbike frog, northern laughing tree frog, northern sandhill, northern toadlets, orange-bellied frog, ornate burrowing frog, quacking frog, slender tree frog, splendid tree frog, spotted-thighed frog, squelching froglet, striped rocket frog, sunset frog, turtle frog, Walpole frog, western water-holding frog, western banjo frog, western spotted frog, white-bellied frog, whooping frog