Digital Park Passes & FAQ's

Digital Park Passes & FAQ's

Park passes are available as a digital download. These "e-Passes" require that you print them out, and display in your vehicle window. In order to get access to an e-pass, you must have a valid email address, or have an account.


1) Pass Purchase Instructions:

Tip: Create an account during the checkout process to instantly download your Park pass.
  1. Visit the Park pass shop page
    - Add your concession card details (only if applicable)
    - Choose start date (future date you want the pass to start)
    - Add existing pass number (only if applicable)
    - Add vehicle registration/s (nominate up to two vehicles*)
    - Select pass duration, and whether a concession card
    - Visit the checkout and purchase, an Order Confirmation will be sent
  2. Check your email for the Order Confirmation from WA Naturally
    NOTE: Please check your spam/trash folder if you didn't receive it.
  3. Select/Follow the link to download your Electronic Park Pass
    alternatively, visit your account page (if you created one) > select your order, and select the link to download your pass.
  4. Print your pass out, and display in your car window

2) Troubleshooting & Tips

  • I didn't receive the order confirmation
    - Check your spam/trash for the email, or fill in the support form, and we'll send you a copy.
  • Where's my pass?
    - Simply visit your account page (for registered customers), select your order, and select the link to download. A link to generate it was also sent via the confirmation email.
  • Do I need to display this in my vehicle?
    - Yes, park passes MUST be displayed on your car dashboard, so they can be verified.
  • What format is the e-Pass?
    - The passes are in Adobe Acrobat format, and can be saved as a .pdf .
  • I don't have a printer!
    - You can still purchase physical passes available from a number of pass outlets.
  • The dog ate my pass and I need to print it out again
    - Search your emails for your WA Naturally Order, select/follow the link in the email to regenerate the pass for printing (Please check that your dog is ok).
  • Can I save the pass to my mobile device?
    - Yes, in fact it's highly recommended. 
  • Do I need to display this in my vehicle?
    - Yes, park passes MUST be displayed on your car dashboard, so they can be verified.
  • I ride a motorbike, how can I display the pass?
    - Please print out a copy and keep with you, or have access to a saved digital copy.
  • It's a hire vehicle, I don't know the registration!
    - Instead of the registration number, simply add "Hire Vehicle".
  • I've updated my vehicle registration number
    - View the Updating your park pass help page to find out more.

3) Fees, Concession & Entry Notes

  • Concession cards
    Holders of the following Australian issued cards are entitled to concession rate fees:
    • Seniors Card
    • Age Pension
    • Disability Support
    • Disability Support (Blind)
    • Carer Payment
    • Carer Allowance
    • Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA)
    • Companion Card
  • Vehicle entry: All Park passes provide unlimited entry into any WA park within the designated time selected. The pass is valid for one vehicle*, with up to twelve legally seated people.
  • *Additional Vehicles: Customers are entitled to nominate 2 cars per Annual Local, All Parks, Concession and Goldstar purchase. The vehicle must be owned by the pass holder or their spouse and registered at the same address.
  • Passes are for individuals for private use only and are not transferable.
  • Fees: Find out more about Park Visitor Fees, or  concessions & fee waivers (external links).
  • Park Passes cannot be returned once purchased, given they are digital products.

4) Terms & Conditions of Entry

Park passes cover the cost of entry into parks that require an entry fee, for vehicles up to 12 legally seated people. Separate fees apply for camping and for various attractions such as the Avon Descent; Calgardup, Giants or Cabaret caves; Dryandra Woodland; Araluen Botanic Park; Geikie Gorge boat trip; Monkey Mia Conservation Park; Penguin Island Discovery Centre; Perth Observatory and the tree Top Walk.

5) Support:

Need to update your vehicle registration, didn't receive your pass, or have a general Pass query? send a request via the Park Pass Support form page.