Wildflowers of the South Coast

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NEW UPDATED VERSION  - The south coast of Western Australia is well known for its impressive coastal scenery and its incredible diversity of wildflowers. This book describes just a few of the area's very many wildflowers. It depicts some of the common ones, as well as some of the more unusual, harder to find species that are restricted to the State's south coast. Pocket sized publication.


Pocket sized publication.
Pages: 76



Species in this book:
Albany pitcher plant, orchids, banksias, painted lady, basket flower, pitcher plant, Baxter’s banksia, poison plants, black kennedia, Qualup bell, blue tinsel lily, Queen of Sheba, boronia, redcoats, bottlebrush, red-eyed wattle, chittick, red kangaroo paw, coastal banjine, red leschenaultia, coast beard heath, rose coneflower, common mountain bell, royal hakea, coneflowers, scallops, corky honeymyrtle, scarlet banksia, dryandra, showy banksia, grevillea, showy dryandra, hakeas, southern cross, heart-leaf poison, sticky tailflower, hooded lily, swamp bottlebrush, kangaroo paw, three-lobed grevillea, lanoline bush, tinsel lily, large waxflower, wattles, mountain bells, winged boronia