LANDSCOPE Vol 39/No 3 Autumn 2024

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Fantastic stories and wonderful photography throughout this and each issue of LANDSCOPE magazine

Feature articles inside the autumn edition of LANDSCOPE

  • Parks for People: Stirling Range National Park 
    Explore the highest peak in WA's south-west
  • New protection for ancient sites
    Caring for Nharnuwangga Wajarri Ngarlawangga Country
  • Adventure out: Muddy hands, happy hearts
    Olivia enjoys some unstructured play outdoors
  • Denmark giving the WOW factor
    Wilderness Ocean Walk Trail near Denmark
  • Ray of white
    Southern eagle rays in the Swan-Canning Estuary
  • Mysterious centipedes
    Exploring the incredible world of predatory arthropods
  • Listening to the seasons
    Sensed phenomena of seasonality
  • Clear the tanks
    Dibbler breeding program a resounding success
  • Touched by nature: Down the garden path
    Josh Byrne shares his love and passion for sustainability