LANDSCOPE Vol 37/No 2 Summer 2021-22

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Fantastic stories and wonderful photography throughout this and each issue of LANDSCOPE magazine.

Feature articles inside the summer issue of LANDSCOPE

  • Parks for people: Wellington National Park
    Exploring the surrounds of the beautiful Collie River Valley
  • Testing the waters
    Swim at your own risk in national parks
  • Goannas beyond the toad
    Teaching apex predators to avoid cane toads
  • Restoring the balance: 25 years of wildlife protection
    Highlights from the Western Shield program
  • Below the surface
    The extraordinary world of underground karst systems
  • Adventure out: Giants Cave
    One of only two self-guided tourist caves in WA
  • Wandering out west
    Encouraging local tourism for cultural experiences
  • Mapping fire history in the Great Victoria Desert
    Using satellite imagery to map fire scars