Urban antics: Tales of an urban naturalist

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John Hunter“The stories in this book are true accounts of observations throughout the suburbs of Perth during the last half of the twentieth century. They are not just about nature; they are about life and perceptions in a simpler time, when family influences were more valued and the primeval urge of any kid to explore and learn started somewhere in the backyard or the spare lot across the road.” - John Hunter

About the author:

Growing up in Perth's western and southern suburbs in the 1940s and 50s, naturalist and write John Hunter has witnessed massive changes to Perth's natural areas. John has a long association with Western Australia's national parks and wildlife, that begun in his early childhood and continued with his lifelong employment (for almost 50 years) in WA's National Parks and Wildlife authorities.

John's colourful, irreverent and, above all, humorous style of writing will appeal to everyone who picks up this book.