Wildflowers of the Stirling Range

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The Stirling Range rises some 850 metres above the surrounding plains. The highest point, Bluff Knoll, stands 1080 metres above sea level. The mountains are like islands in a sea of largely flat surrounding landscape and hence provide a wide range of habitats for plants and animals.

The Stirling Range National Park was declared in 1913, but at that stage its botanical treasures were not fully appreciated. Today it is internationally recognised as an important biodiversity 'hotspot' within the 'megadiverse hotspot' of southern WA. The range is exceptionally rich in plant species, containing some 90 families, 384 genera and 1517 species within its 115,600 hectares. About 80 of the plant species in the park occur nowhere else in the world!

This book is a guide to the identification of just a small selection of the wonderful plant species in this special part of Western Australia. Pocket sized publication.