Black-flanked rock-wallaby

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Artist Gooitzen van der Meer captures the Black-flanked rock-wallaby (Petrogale lateralis) in incredible detail in this gorgeous illustration. 

The shy black-flanked rock-wallaby lives on granite outcrops where it shelters in caves and crevices.  Black-flanked rock-wallabies are classed as 'Vulnerable' and suffer from predation by feral cats and foxes and the effects of habitat loss due to land clearing.  They live on a diet of annual or perennial grasses, and succulents, herbs, leaves and fruit.  They have a thick, woolly coat and a slight brush on the end of their tail.

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Item #: 6/14

Size: 297mm x 420mm (A3)

Paper: Archival, watercolour 

Information on 'how to care for your print' and a full description of the artwork are included. 

All of the artist's images have graced the covers or 'Urban antics' columns or 'Nature's pin-up' sections of LANDSCOPE: WA's parks, wildlife and conservation magazine.