Western pygmy possum on Scarlet banksia greeting card

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This greeting card featuring a pygmy possum on a scarlet banksia (Banksia coccinea), from an original watercolour painting by Gwendolen Monteiro. 

Origin: Made in Western Australia

Materials: Printed on 100% recycled paper

Dimensions: A6 size - H 14.8cm x W10.5cm, C6-size envelope

Note: Blank inside

Reference photo by Minden Pictures/Alamy

Banksia coccinea is a member of the family Proteaceae, and is known as the Waddib by the Noongar people of south-west Western Australia. The plant is endemic to WA and grows naturally in shrub and low woodland from Denmark to the Young River in Stokes National Park, and north to the Stirling Range. The honey possum (Tarsipes rostratus) is also endemic to the south-west of WA and a totem animal for some of the Noongar traditional owners of the region.