Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area Annual Pass

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Pinjar offers a range of trails for beginners to experienced motorcycle and quad bike riders. The trails meander through a 300 hectare area of pine plantation and open scrubland. 

  • This is an electronic park pass which requires you to print and carry with you, alternatively, please keep a digital copy on your mobile device, for inspection.
  • Links to generate the pass are available via the Order Confirmation email, as well as via your account page. Read more...
  • The pass provides unlimited entry to the Pinjar Motorcycle Area for 12 months from selected Start date*.
  • Passes are for individuals for private use only and are not transferable.
  • The Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area Annual Pass provides unlimited entry to the Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area for 12 months from your "Start date of pass" selection.
  • Valid for one vehicle with up to twelve legally seated people.
  • Where two vehicles are registered on the pass, only one of the vehicles can be used at a time to access the area.
  • Terms and conditions of entry:
    Pinjar Off Road Vehicle Area is gazetted for motorcycles and quad bikes only, no buggies or 4 wheel drives. Vehicles should be road or Off Road Vehicle Area registered and display the appropriate registration plates. Off Road Vehicle registered vehicles are only to be used on the trails inside the gazetted Off Road Vehicle Area. This pass does not provide entry to parks or attractions that require an entry fee. Separate fees apply for camping.

Need to update your details? view our park pass help article.

Visit Explore Parks for Park pass details, or Trails WA to find out more about the Pinjar Motorcycle Area.

* 12-month pass access starts from selected start date, or date of pass purchase if none selected.